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Dead Body Freezer Box

Prem Ambulance provides top quality mobile mortuary/body freezing systems. They are needed for transporting the deceased person’s body to other places. We are thorough professionals and provide the mobile mortuary services at the door steps of our clients’ as and when demanded by them. We have the freezer facility to preserve the human remains in hygienic condition in order to save it from decomposition. This facility is available only when the human remains is in our custody.

The dead body has to be preserved for long with the help of dead body freezer box. The freezer will retain the freshness and let everyone have the last meeting with the person who is dead. This also helps hospitals and nursing homes to avail our services. Mortuary freezer box is your final resort. Freezer ambulance services are quite unusual but we have the provision of giving the best in services to you for a better transportation of the loved ones’ bodies from one place to another.